The Ibis Lounge Restaurant

The Karoo is known for its open-hearted, welcoming and generous hospitality. You might arrive as a guest but leave as a friend, and this is something Terry has strived for when creating The Ibis Lounge. Please call Paul or Lucie to make a reservation for breakfast, lunch or dinner on 072 110 6254.

Imagine an evening lit up with candles, lamps, Edith Piaf or Jack Johnson playing softly, hadeda ibises nesting across the road and water running in the furrow. Envision the sun sinking and the world suffused with a soft evening light…

Here is the perfect place where you can enjoy a decent cup of coffee – something that is mandatory in every country town and city, wherever you go. Sit on the stoep of one of Nieu Bethesda’s number one restaurants and enjoy free Karoo dust with your meal. If it’s cold and raining, get cosy indoors at the fireplace with some local books. Come soak in the “Yippie Karoo” vibe.

The Ibis Lounge serves local lamb (shank, chops, neck), oxtail,  burgers, pitas, jaffels, pasta and curry. Try our lamb shank over mash or allow us to tempt you with decadent desserts and marvelous milkshakes. Coffee aficionados can get their fix with their choice of cappuccino, latte, Americano, mocha or espresso – our range is selected from around the world, and we have strong and bitter, sweet medium and mild aromatic roasts to suit nearly every taste.

All our baked goodies are created on the premises, be it bread and rolls, muffins or dessert. Be seduced by lemon meringue or a South African favourite – milk tart. Allow hot, fudgy chocolate cake to melt in your mouth or sink your teeth into freshly baked apple pie. Looking for something savoury? The Ibis Lounge’s chicken, beef or lamb pies are not to be missed either.

We are known for our speciality breads, such as potato and rosemary, beer bread, pumpkin bread or even biltong, cheese and piquanté pepper bread as well as garlicky Greek flat breads.

And, if that’s not enough, we also make our own ice cream, be it French vanilla, pecan brittle, caramel  – and the perennially popular lemon meringue ice cream.

Think of caramelised onion pesto, delicious roast tomato soup or consider our basil pesto or homemade mint sauce served up with slow-roasted Karoo lamb. All our meats are sourced locally, served with organic veggies from our garden, when in season. Vegetarians and vegans are catered for.

The Ibis Lounge’s Slow Sundays are a treat when we offer guests a slow roast on selective Sundays from 1pm. Booking is essential as numbers are limited.

Many visitors who stay in Nieu Bethesda for a few days stop by the Ibis every day for staunch favourites such as oxtail, coffee and dessert or for the ice cream and fresh bread. Or maybe it’s for something you just won’t find anywhere else – old-fashioned jaffles  with Nutella, banana and berries or Black Forest ham with figs and brie cheese…